Happy Mediation Intensive

Happy Meditation Intensive

Kickstart your summer with these 3 mornings of powerful uplifting practices!
Experience how to embrace yourself, even if times get rough. How to connect with gratitude, wherever you are and how to find abundance in simple things…

The course exists of 3 mornings, each with it’s own theme:

Monday 8th: How to fully embrace yourself
A lot of our unhappiness, dissatisfaction and restlessness stems from wanting to be different. Better. Stronger. Smarter. Discover the strengths and the peace of being able to accept yourself, to be able to be there for yourself. Just as you are. Knowing that that is exactly who you should be.

Tuesday 9th: Cultivating gratitude
Gratitude has become one of the pillars of Positive Psychology because of its scientifically proven benefits for almost all aspects of life: it improves your physical health (fewer aches & pains, better immune system, etc), it improves your psychological health (it increases happiness and reduces a multitude of toxic emotions like envy, frustration, depression, regret, etc), makes you sleep better, improves your self-esteem and increases your resilience when things don’t go as planned…
So enough reasons to allow yourself a morning of your time to explore how to cultivate gratitude in yourself.

Wednesday 10th: Experience abundance & connection
Life is abundant. Really. Whatever your situation is. And the abundance is not about wealth, it always had to do with simple things and with how to connect with them and with life. Knowing that you are part of that. Sounds vague? Come and experience it for yourself through these beautiful practices…

The course and practices stem mainly from the Mindfulness & Buddhism tradition, added with findings from Positive Psychology and Forest Therapy.

The course is set up as a three day course, and the biggest effect of course is when you attend all three. However, it’s possible to choose only one or two of the mornings.

Happy Meditation Intensive

Date:  July 8-10th
Time: 9:30 – 12:00 AM
Location: Workship on De Ceuvel

Cost: €135,- for the 3-day intensive.
€55,-/day for separate days.

Language: English, but can become Dutch if that’s what everyone understands

N.B.: Bonus for 3-day participants: if you enrol before the 1st of July, you can attend the Fridaymorning with Nature on the 12th for free!

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Life is simple in reality, but we insist on making it complicated - confucius

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